Our Approach

At Competitive Edge Physical Therapy, we start with a proper evaluation and we listen to what you want to achieve. We immediately begin educating you on your injury and our treatment approach. We’ll discuss how you can create an environment for healing thereby putting you in control of your recovery. From there, we introduce a combination of manual therapy and exercise to restore mobility, balance and strength. Each visit your physical therapist listens to your input, assesses your progress, and advances your therapy. Before you know it, you are on your way back to a pain free, active lifestyle!

Patient Education starts with an explanation of the root of your injury and what the process and timetable will be for your rehabilitation. Our physical therapists will customize a home program to complement your treatment. This may include:

• Specific stretches and/or exercises to be done at home or
your gym
• Self management techniques for pain
• A change in footwear and/or arch supports
• Return-to-Running program
• Return-to-Throwing program
• Final gym-based exercise program
• Strategies for injury prevention

Manual Therapy refers to muscle stretching, soft tissue massage, joint mobilization, and spinal traction. This hands-on treatment is a component for most of our patients and helps restore mobility and alleviate pain in the joints, muscles, and spine. All of our physical therapists have completed advanced coursework in manual therapy ranging from seminars and in-services to year-long residency training.

Exercise Therapy is the cornerstone of the Competitive Edge approach. For most patients, exercise therapy will be the largest component of each visit. Research has proven that therapeutic exercise is the most effective form of treatment for the majority of orthopedic and spinal injuries. We believe that proper prescription of exercise is crucial to ensuring optimal outcomes. Our physical therapists are experts on exercise therapy and personally direct your treatment each visit. The types of exercise therapy we utilize include:

• Medical Exercise Therapy
• Functional training
• Balance and Proprioceptive training
• Agility and Plyometric drills
• Cardiovascular exercise
• Flexibility (self-stretches and foam roll work)

We commonly use cold packs at the completion of our visits to help reduce pain and inflammation. Some other traditional physical therapy modalities, such as ultrasound, are now considered outdated because researchers have been unable to prove their effectiveness in improving pain or functional outcomes.

At Competitive Edge we are committed to Evidence Based Practice which means we follow current Physical Therapy research closely and update our treatment methods to ensure that our patients experience the best possible outcomes.